Whatever the cleaning task, we have the Solution.

Cleaning up spills, dust, and bacteria is highly critical to your daily production. Our line of industrial sweepers can keep your floors inside and out, free of debris. Pressure washers and wet/dry vacuums can assist in keeping your facility OSHA compliant. Kärcher’s range of industrial cleaning products were designed to help boost productivity and help you create a safe and well kept facility.


Exterior dirt and debris can be a challenge to keep out of your facility. Parking lots, sidewalks, and entrances can be easily cleaned with our range of industrial sweeper products.

Our line of industrial sweepers can also keep your floors inside and out, free of debris and around the loading dock and inside trailers hauling food products to comply with the FDA’s Food Safety Modernization Act requirements.

Learn more how to sweep away the coarse dirt or fine dust in those heavy-duty applications.


Tackle the high traffic areas with Industrial Scrubbers capable of cleaning up to 64,500 square feet per hour to create a clean and highly productive environment for your team. Kärcher floor scrubbers are the perfect tool for your floor maintenance program. Not only do they increase worker productivity, the quick-cleaning floor scrubbers also allow for lower labor costs, and help reduce the number of slip and fall hazards.

Learn how they can make your floor surfaces look pristine and clean.

Pressure Washers

The cold water pressure washer can easily blast debris from sidewalks, parking lots, and building exteriors to keep your building looking presentable.

Clean debris, vehicles, machines, floors and all types of surfaces - whatever the demand. The hot water pressure washers help to keep your facility OSHA compliant by cleaning those steel platforms, yard ramps, risers, barriers, and bumpers in the loading dock.

Learn how industrial pressure washers are perfect for removing dirt, grime, grease and oil stains.

Mobile Disinfecting Misters

The Kärcher hospital-grade misting system is designed to reduce risks of Health Care Acquired Infections by killing virus, bacteria and mold faster, safer and effectively. Misting technology provides the broadest range of applications for disinfection because it delivers disinfectant into the numerous hard to reach corners and crevices in every facility that wipe methods can't reach. The result is a complete and consistent coverage of Vital Oxide® disinfectant (the safest EPA toxicity rating (4) and requires no PPE).

Learn about the next level of clean and virus prevention.

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Our range of commercial cleaning equipment, accessories and detergents are designed with our customers' needs in mind. From industrial pressure washers to floor scrubbers and polishers, Kärcher products provide superb cleaning performance, save time and resources, and are intuitive to operate: leaving our customers to focus on what is most important to them.

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