Stand-Up Rider Forklift

A Dock-to-Stock capable Forklift able to navigate Narrow Aisles


The Stand-Up Rider forklift has the flexibility and multitasking capability, perfect for racking needs in limited warehouse space.

Best In Class Maneuverability

The Toyota Stand-Up Rider has the ability to fit into tighter spaces for greater narrow aisle capability and has better manueverability compared to sit-down forklifts of equal capacity.

Warehouse Space Planning

The All-around indoor versatile forklift that can handle narrow aisles and tight trailer applications.

Stand-Up Rider Advantages:

  • Navigation in 10' Aisles
  • Up to 4,000 lb. Lifting Capacity
  • Up to 23' Lift Height
  • 36 Volt Electrical System