The Southwest “Tip of the Month” Program

A powerful educational tool – having one topic per month (Tip of the Month) that highlights common questions about the industry, equipment and warehouse solutions that our customers encounter on a regular basis.

Our goal is to help customers find solutions to common issues and share these tips with their team members to help save time and avoid any costly mistakes.

Please enjoy our video library called: Tip of the Month

2022 Tip of the Month - How to get $ Back for your Electric Equipment Use


California and Oregon created a Clean Skies Program that incentivizes businesses to switch to electric equipment.

Why is it important for my company?

  1. Go Green
  2. Lower your costs, increase productivity, and meet state regulations
  3. Lower emissions and improving safety
  4. Get $ back every quarter based on the electricity used by the equipment
  5. There is no cost to the program, and Southwest does all of the work

How do I sign up?

It is simple and there is no cost to you:

  • Contact Us – to Enroll
  • Request your Incentive Estimate
  • We do a site audit to discover your eligible fleet size
  • Then we send you an incentive check every quarter

Click on the YouTube video for a quick review of the program and how that can help you start earning your incentive. For more information, and to sign up click on the link:

2022 Tip of the Month - How to Read a Data Plate


What information is on a forklift data plate?

Sometimes referred to as a capacity plate or a forklift nameplate, the forklift data plate includes important information such as weight, fuel type, and forklift load capacity. Associates need to read the data plate during training and before use to help build the culture of safety in your facility.

Relatively quickly, you’ll need to know some quick information about your forklift’s capabilities. Luckily, a forklift data plate is installed on every truck on the market to help you understand what your forklift can do and provide vital information.

Click on the Youtube video for a quick guide that can help you read your data plate and start using your equipment better with all of the readily available information.

2022 Tip of the Month - Equipment Daily Inspection & Checklist


OSHA states that forklifts must be inspected either daily, or after each shift in cases where vehicles are in round-the-clock use. If problems are discovered, they must be reported and the forklift must be removed from service immediately.

Why is it important to do a forklift inspection?

  1. OSHA requirement of a daily inspection sheet for Safety regulations
  2. Lower your cost, increase productivity, and expand the life of the equipment
  3. Should be performed at the beginning of each shift on each piece of equipment
  4. Detect equipment failure before resulting in accidents and injuries
  5. Protect company reputation, property and finances

What information is on a forklift inspection checklist?

A pre-operational checklist depends on the equipment type:

  • Electric Forklift
  • Internal Combustion Cushion
  • Internal Combustion Pneumatic
  • Reach Trucks­ and Order Pickers

Each Class of equipment will have specific items related to the unit type that will need to be inspected. The inspection typically includes a Visual Inspection, Operational Inspection and a Walk Around of the unit (see video for example).

Click on the YouTube video for a quick review of some inspection items that can help you start your daily inspections. For more information, operator safety training and copies of daily inspection sheets for your fleet, contact us directly.