Forklift Truck and Material Handling Parts Consignment Program

Whether you have Toyota or mixed forklift fleets, we can manage a custom on-site inventory for your business. We provide secure storage lockers with no upfront cost. Regular visits from expert parts representatives ensure a properly stocked inventory. Parts are not billed until they are used.

Southwest ToyotaLifts’ parts consignment programs are customized to specific customer needs. Most commonly found in customer locations where in-house service technicians perform most forklift maintenance, a parts consignment program will include the most common forklift replacement parts or is designed as part of a parts forecast where parts are pre-ordered and delivered on-site for future needs. The parts consignment programs help increase uptime by making sure that forklift parts are on-hand and there is no wait for delivery or sourcing.

Avoid Downtime & Protect Your Inventory

Get a Secure Storage Locker with Properly Stocked Inventory.

Making the decision to move to a parts consignment locker might be the right one for your business if you have an in-house maintenance department with mechanics who repair and service your lift trucks and equipment. You will save time and money when your team has what they need on-site.

Benefits of Parts Consignment Program

  • The TOP 6 Benefits of the Program:
  • No upfront cost to customer – setup and installation are complimentary
  • Immediate parts availability – eliminate time placing orders and waiting for delivery
  • Increased uptime – parts are on hand so you can get your equipment running fast
  • Freight savings – parts are replenished at no charge
  • Usage Reports – eliminate inventory challenges
  • Only Pay for what you use - Parts are not billed until they are used

  • Contact us for information about material handling parts consignment program today or search for parts online.

    Analytics and ROI

    Analytics are developed based on the need for reporting fill rates, and inventory utilization so both parties are aware of the health of the inventory and the service they are receiving from it.

    Have you invested in warehousing a large amount of your own repair parts inventory?
    Or are you still trying to find parts you need from a vendor at the last minute?

    If you are still wondering why you don't seem to have the item you need on hand despite your searching & investment and feel there may be a better way of handling it through a consignment stock agreement, it might be time to sit-down and talk about it with Southwest ToyotaLift.