Why use a Forklift Operator Assist System (OAS)?

Pedestrian Detection Camera Technology

Toyota has designed and engineered SEnS Smart Environment Sensor® (SEnS), an operator assist system (OAS), a pedestrian and object detection system that helps prevent accidents between forklifts and pedestrians as well as collisions between forklifts and other objects.

This forklift pedestrian detection camera (SEnS) is used to enhance safety in areas where forklifts are operated in proximity to pedestrians, like a warehouse. Forklifts are large and heavy machinery that pose a risk to pedestrians working or moving around the same area. These camera systems are designed to detect the presence of pedestrians & objects and alert the forklift operator to their presence, helping to prevent accidents and potential injuries.

How It Works

  • SEnS enables customers to program up to three detection zones with different audible and visual alarms for each zone.
  • SEnS can detect objects up to 32 feet away.
  • The frequency in which the warning lights blink and a buzzer sounds increases as the pedestrian or object enters a zone closer to the rear of the forklift.
  • Detection zones can be configured to meet various customer applications

Here are a few reasons why a forklift pedestrian detection camera is beneficial:

Accident Prevention

Forklifts have limited visibility, especially in their rear blind spots. A detection camera helps mitigate this issue by providing an additional viewpoint for the operator. It detects pedestrians and objects in the camera's field of view and sends real-time alerts, such as visual and auditory warnings, to the forklift operator. This allows the operator to take immediate action, such as stopping or changing the forklift's direction, to avoid potential collisions and accidents.

Increased Operator Awareness

The camera system provides operators with a clear view of the surrounding area, including blind spots. It helps them identify pedestrians who might be obstructed from their direct line of sight. By increasing operator awareness, the camera system reduces the chances of accidents caused by operator error or lack of visibility.

Please note the SEnS Pedestrian Detection Camera is designed to act as a driver aid and will not replace adequate training and safe driving practices.

Improved Pedestrian Safety - Differentiates between people and obstacles

Pedestrians working in the same area as forklifts are also made aware of the forklift's movements through the camera system. This pedestrian detection cameras system include features like audible alarms and warning lights, which alert pedestrians when a forklift is approaching or operating nearby. This allows pedestrians to take necessary precautions and avoid potential accidents.

Compliance with Safety Regulations - Improves Safety & Productivity

Many industries have specific safety regulations and guidelines regarding the operation of forklifts in pedestrian-populated areas. Using a forklift pedestrian detection camera can help companies comply with these regulations and ensure a safer work environment. It demonstrates a commitment to safety and reduces the risk of accidents, which can lead to legal liabilities and financial losses.

No Tags or Vests required for Detection

The SEnS system does not rely on the use of tags or high visibility vests to detect pedestrians, ensuring site wide coverage regardless of your facility PPE standards. Plant operators, owners and pedestrians are therefore protected in all environments at all times.

Overall, the primary goal of using this SEnS forklift pedestrian detection camera is to prevent accidents, protect both forklift operators and pedestrians, and create a safer working environment. It complements the skills and awareness of operators and helps mitigate the inherent risks associated with operating forklifts in areas with pedestrian traffic.

Compatible Toyota Forklifts

The following Toyota Forklifts are currently compatible with SEnS. Forklifts already in use can be retrofitted for this product or it can be added to new models at the factory as SEnS+. 

Ask us about the benefits of SEnS+ on a new Toyota forklift and how the system can control the traveling speed and slow down the truck for pedestrians and objects in specific conditions.

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