Electric - Powered Vehicles to handle all of the Tough jobs

Passenger Transportation

Move people comfortably, quickly and safely. The balanced designs of our personnel carriers and trams offer smoother steering and shorter stopping distances. Features like fold-down seats, low-step entry and wheelchair ramps adapt to the needs of reduced-mobility passengers. Our First-Response model can move patients lying down and includes a a medical supply storage box.

Maintenance & Engineering

Help maintenance and security teams get to where they need to be 2-3 times faster than on foot. You’ll also be impressed by our many standard safety features, optional packages & no-exaggeration performance abilities. Add a “tool box” on the back to carry and store tools & parts for easy access and transport to the next job.

Laundry Services

Clean & quiet vehicles catering to laundry services more efficiently. Our low-noise, zero-emission vehicles boast narrow designs, impressive maneuverability and easy operation, making them perfect for corridors and elevators. Use them to tow your existing carts or add a “van box” to load up all of your linens and uniforms.

Sanitization Units

Columbia has worked hard to develop solutions for you as you are searching for the best way to stop the spread of Covid-19 in your business and workspace.Choose from a Journeyman or Stockchaser.

The sanitization units include:

  • A handheld sprayer for door handles and other high traffic surfaces.
  • Three mounted nozzles to spray behind the vehicle is at moves forward.
  • Versatile options for both indoor and outdoor worksites.
  • Long lasting batteries to keep your people on the move.

  • These vehicles fit your needs to both transport your people as well as maneuver in tighter areas and through aisles, elevators, and doorways.
    Contact Us for more info on these specialty sanitization units.

    Reach out to us with questions about what we can do to help your team during this time and we will be happy to provide a solution that is right for you and your facility.