High Capacity Forklifts

Watch the Video above about the High Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase Forklift from Toyota

Southwest ToyotaLift has the latest high-capacity large cushion, adjustable wheelbase and high-capacity electric cushion forklifts from Toyota that handle the heavy lifting indoor tasks. 

ASK ABOUT THE NEW 2THD220-300, High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic Forklift

THD High Capacity Forklift

Many say that all the heavy lifting is happening outside. But Toyota knows that sometimes hauling high capacity loads can be an inside job. The Toyota High-Capacity Large IC Cushion Forklift is an indoor mammoth of a machine ready to tackle the big jobs. Ideal for automotive environments, supply yards and moving materials inside manufacturing facilities, it gives you the ability to lift up to 100,000 lbs. And with one of the leading engines in its class, the Toyota High-Capacity Large Cushion Forklift is as dependable as it is strong.


Force-Cooled Wet-Disc Brakes

Engine Protection System

7" Touch Screen Multi-Function Display

Fingertip Hydraulic Controls

Wide View Steel Cabin

Low-Mounted Tilt Cylinders


Heavy Duty Drive Axle

Advanced Hydraulic System

Superior Torque & Horsepower

Premium Cabin

Side-Tilt Cab

High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic Forklift

Welcome to the big show. Toyota’s High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic delivers versatility to handle any heavy-duty task while promising to fit the exact needs of your high-capacity operation. Ideal for lumber, steel, automotive, and any application where you need major lifting capacity. Innovative design means intelligent and lasting power with the Toyota High-Capacity Core IC Pneumatic. Built with a Cummins 4-cylinder diesel engine and Dana TE-10 transmission and assembled in the American heartland in East Chicago, Indiana, its capacity up to 30,000 lbs. will have you ready to meet any task.

2THD Models

Benefits of the Powered Side Tilt Function Cab:

Click on the Youtube video to see why the Toyota Heavy Capacity forklifts are different than the competition with the “Powered Side Tilt Function” of the cab for easy access to service the unit. It is easy to use and saves time & man power vs the standard hand crank system (which still comes with this unit for backup purposes).


Load sensing hydraulic system for optimal performance

Transistor Control Monitors

Hydraulic Multi-Gauge for convenient fluid checks

Heavy Duty Planetary Drive Axle

Drum-Type Brake System


Brakes serviceable without removing entire drive axle

Readily accessible lubrication points

Easily accessible drive motor

Two-coat powder rust-inhibiting polyurethane paint

Easy seal replacement on chrome-plated rod cylinders

High-Capacity Electric Cushion Forklift

The Toyota High-Capacity Electric Cushion Forklift (THDE) gives you the versatility to lift massive loads without the need of traditional IC engines. The versatile electric power and high visibility combined with a large 92-inch wheelbase means you’ll have the power you want and the maneuverability you need for your heaviest indoor duties.

Toyota high capacity electric cushion forklifts available at Southwest Toyotalift. Call (866) 750-8409 (CA) or (866) 478-1603 (NV) or visit swtoyotalift.com for more information!


Full Hydraulic Power Steering

High Gear and Low Gear Settings

Wide Visibility Mast

Built-In Engine Protection System

Optional Side-Shifting Fork Positioner


Engine Fault Code Diagnostics

Externally Mounted Charge Pump

Sealed Weather Pack Connectors

Easy Access Oil Filter

Electric Radiator Fan with Automatic Reversing

High-Capacity Adjustable Wheelbase

The Toyota High-Capacity Forklift with Adjustable Wheelbase (THDA) is a master of flexibility. This sit down counterbalanced forklift allows operators to make adjustments to varying load weights with an extendable counterweight that includes removable slabs. Need to move a big, awkward item? The multi-stage telescopic boom is able to safely and efficiently move large equipment such as industrial machinery or massive engines.

Toyota high capacity adjustable wheelbase forklifts available at Southwest Toyotalift. Call (866) 750-8409 (CA) or (866) 478-1603 (NV) or visit swtoyotalift.com for more information!


2-Stage Wide Visible Mast

Engine Shutdown System

Bolted Open Core Radiator

Heavy-Duty Steel Axle

Dual-Action Steer Cylinder

Anti–Vibration Drive Line Mounts


Left, Right, and Floorboard Service Panels

Hydraulic Multi-Gauge

In-Cab Electrical Box

Side Plate Access Drive Train

High-Capacity Large Cushion Forklift

The High-Capacity IC Cushion Forklift (THDC) is a homerun when it comes to versatility in the warehouse or manufacturing facility. Need to lift large pallets full of heavy components? The High-Capacity Cushion has you covered with its ability to lift up to 55,000 lbs. you’ll have those pallets of metal moving in no time. Have a paper plant with larger than normal rolls? The High-Capacity Cushion can come with a roll clamp to make those operations a cinch.

THDC Model Listing