Forklift Facility Energy Audit

Get a Free Audit to increase efficiency and lower your operational costs based on the use of your forklift power options and facility power layouts. What it includes:

  • Audit Forklift Charging Stations
  • Audit IC Forklift Fueling Stations
  • Audit Battery Storage Areas
  • Audit Facility Power Considerations
  • Address OSHA standards for training and safety

Also learn how to claim a quarterly rebate $$ for your company based on the electricity used by your forklifts and other material handling equipment. Click Here for the Smart Rebate Program.

Auditing Forklift Charging Stations

We will examine your current battery charging station to help you use these areas as efficiently as possible to maximize every minute of every shift. Our recommendations will pertain to station location, number of charging stations, charging schedules and more.

Our auditor will also address the OSHA standards and workplace safety at your charging stations.

Auditing IC Forklift Fueling Stations

An expert will examine the IC fueling stations, number of trucks the station is serving, quantity of fuel being consumed, the frequency of trucks being refueled and the location of the fueling station in relation to other key areas and operational space. Our recommendations will be in relation to the location and convenience to the operators, work flow, shift changes and how it will impact the efficiency of your operation and result in an ROI.

Auditing Battery Storage

Your battery storage facilities and practices will be evaluated to help makes sure your batteries are stored with as small a footprint as possible and to make sure the batteries are located optimally for swap outs for equipment. Our recommendations will be in association to storage space, location and existing exchange locations to assess the ROI of alternative sources, such as lithium-ion batteries.

We also will help you comply with OSHA regulations for battery rooms to keep your team safe and your batteries in good condition.

Auditing Facility Power Considerations

Our auditors will look at your usage capacity (the maximum amount of power your facility is able to provide to your equipment), and the types of electrical systems your facility already runs, your current overall throughput (the amps consumed daily), to see if it is different — your throughput during your peak season.

With these insights, you’ll be able to make sure that your facility is capable of providing the power your equipment needs — both in your typical day-to-day operations and in those seasons when you’re running faster and working harder.

NOTICE: All staff manning a forklift battery charging station should receive appropriate training. So make sure that your truck operators have completed the appropriate forklift operator training. To request an Free Forklift Facility Energy Audit, contact us and mention “Free Energy Audit”.