Dynapac Roadbuilding Equipment

Dynapac manufactures and distributes construction equipment used in roadbuilding. Dynapac North America headquarters is in Fort Mill, South Carolina.

Dynapac offers a variety of products for use in roadbuilding, specifically paving. Products include single drum vibratory rollers, double drum vibratory rollers, combination rollers, pneumatic rollers, trench rollers, asphalt pavers—both tracked and wheeled—and screeds.

All across the globe; infra companies, contractors, civil engineers, road construction project managers trust Dynapac’s heavy-duty compaction machines.


Dynapac has a complete range of compaction equipment products, from the very smallest to one of the worlds biggest. Compactors with Smooth-Wheeled Rollers, Combi Rollers, Pneumatic–Tire Rollers, Double Drum Rollers, Steel Drum Rollers, Sheep-foot Rollers, Tamping-foot Rollers, etc.

Dynapac's asphalt roller range features everything from the most compact equipment for repair jobs to large machines for the biggest sites.


Dynapac offers a complete range of road paving equipment, we have solutions for every paving application, big or small. Check our selection of Commercial pavers, city pavers, highway pavers, mini pavers, compact pavers, mobile feeders, etc.

The pavers are designed to provide best in class paving quality, reliability and longevity. The extra heavy duty Dynapac screeds attached with these pavers provide unparalleled pre compaction and mat quality.


Dynapac's range of compact equipment offers something for all tasks and will be the perfect addition to your fleet. The Dynapac Light Compaction range compliments our larger compaction & paving equipment to get the job done in relatively confined spaces. We focus on every possible type of material to compact, through weight classes and different types of machines.

Rammers, forward and reversible vibratory plates, twin drum roller, utility roller and mix spreaders – a fantastic range of equipment that is Designed to Perform. Built to Last!

Industry Applications

The most common Dynapac equipment industry applications – roads, streets, motorways, airfields, earth dams, canals, railway embankments and foundations for buildings. Other applications include parking areas, storage yards, sports areas, industrial and residential areas, harbor constructions, reservoirs and channel linings.

All these machines can competently work on any type of material like Clay, Slit, Sand, Mixed Soil, Gravel, Rockfill or Asphalt. To know more, reach out to us at Southwest. We are more than happy to help you.