Pedestrian Alert System - Electric Vehicles

Southwest ToyotaLift and Columbia are proud to introduce Pedestrian Alert Systems (PAS), which promote a safe outdoor space for visitors and staff. 

Unfortunately, pedestrian-vehicle accidents happen; however, there are ways to minimize risk of injury. Columbia Pedestrian Alert Systems (PAS) ensure effective communication between pedestrians and vehicle operators to promote a safe outdoor space.

What’s a Pedestrian Alert System (PAS)?

A Pedestrian Alert System (PAS) is a safety solution designed to notify pedestrians when an industrial vehicle driver is nearby. All Columbia industrial vehicles are equipped with a LSV Pedestrian Alert System, which audibly alerts pedestrians that a vehicle is in their surrounding area.

Electric industrial vehicles are known for their quiet functionality, which can be beneficial on the golf course but can create a safety hazard when they’re used in a busy park or outdoor arena. Pedestrian Alert Systems ensure pedestrians are aware of the locality of the vehicle regardless of if they can see it or not. The vehicle operator can also be assured of an additional level of safety for accident prevention.

As one of the top Toyota industrial equipment dealers in the country, we’re thrilled to promote Pedestrian Alert Systems in our product line. Contact us today to prevent pedestrian-operator accidents.

Advantages of Using a PAS

Pedestrian Alert Systems alert pedestrians when an industrial vehicle is nearby, which helps prevent accidents in blind spots and high risk areas. These alerts provide greater care and safety for your outdoor staff as well as guests who are around the work area.

Columbia Pedestrian Alert Systems also comply with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration guidelines and notes that the purpose of the feature is to “emit sound that enables pedestrians to discern the presence, direction, location, and operation of the vehicle.” This guideline was established within the NHTSA’s Pedestrian Safety Enhancement Act of 2010 as a way to ensure pedestrian safety.

Stay Protected With Southwest ToyotaLift

At Southwest ToyotaLift, we continue to use innovative technology solutions—such as PAS— to better serve you, your daily outdoor operations, and pedestrians who may be around your industrial vehicle.

Southwest ToyotaLift offers a variety of new and used Columbia equipment solutions for your company’s operations. We also provide various commercial equipment rental equipment if you only need material handling equipment for a few months out of the year, or you don’t have the budget to purchase a high-quality product.

We’re proud to promote Columbia because their electric utility vehicles are designed and built for long life cycles and maximum capability in any environment. Their vehicles are emission free and enhance productivity, comfort, and utility in a variety of settings and functions.

Since 1989, we’ve been dedicated to being a valued business partner by promoting strong relationships with our employees, customers, and vendors. Contact us today to ensure the safety of your staff and pedestrians!