Electric Carts and Vehicles for High School and University Events

Columbia Vehicles for High School and University Settings

Events are circling back into our lives, and it’s critical to have all the materials you need to make these gatherings run smoothly. With Columbia Vehicles, your highly anticipated high school and university events have the opportunity to transport equipment and passengers from one area to another efficiently. 

Importance of Transportation Vehicles for High School Events

COVID-19 put a halt to a lot of life’s major events, like high school graduations. Graduation is a monumental moment in a young adult’s life, and we want to assure that each family member and loved one can attend without any trouble.

Columbia Vehicles offer various modes of transportation to make getting from one place to another seamless. When deciding on what Columbia vehicle to invest in, it’s vital to choose a vehicle that can transport many people of all shapes and sizes. Columbia vehicles—such as the Journeyman—offer excellent seating options that can hold many passengers. In addition to holding a significant number of people, the Journeyman allows you to make seating adjustments to provide additional legroom.

Although comfort is an important factor of work vehicles, safety takes the cake. Columbia Vehicles designs seats that are equipped with all the safety features you need and more.

Southwest ToyotaLift supports high schools and universities with their vehicle equipment needs for large-scale events.

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Importance of Transportation Vehicles for Universities

Columbia’s electric vehicles are an environmentally-friendly solution for any transportation needed on university grounds, whether it’s for campus tours or game day activities. Work vehicles are great for college campus events because they can transport individuals and equipment from one side of the campus to another quickly and safely. In addition to transporting visitors, Columbia vehicles are great for everyday campus operations, including maintenance and grounds work. 

Additional Components for Your Columbia Vehicle

Sprayer Units

Sprayer Units are a newer addition to the Columbia product line. These units assist you and your efforts to fight against COVID-19. This allows you to sanitize any high touch surfaces throughout campus to reduce the spread of bacteria.

Columbia’s custom Sprayer Units will aid you in the fight against Covid-19 using a tank that will feed to both a handheld sprayer as well as three mounted nozzles on the rear of the vehicle that will spray behind vehicle as it moves.

Two Types: The Journeyman (left) can sanitize any high touch surfaces in any widespread campus areas. The Stockchaser (right) can be used indoors specifically to sanitize the many surfaces that your staff and students interact with on a daily basis, even in tight areas.

These vehicles are built to fit your needs by doing both transportation and being able to maneuvering in tighter areas – through aisles and doorways.

Security Units

The risk of theft is typically higher on campus grounds. Columbia wants to help you protect your campus and students with “Mission Ready” Security vehicles.

Columbia knows how important safety and security are to you, so the Mission Ready Security Vehicles give your team the confidence to keep an eye on what they need to, no matter the climate or time of day.

With an increased capacity, your team’s Security Vehicles won’t be sidelined with constant charging, and the roof-mounted strobe light and security decaling will let others know that your security team is hard at work ensuring everyone’s safety. Ask us about Columbia’s two Mission Ready Security Vehicles that can provide everything your security and safety teams need.

Columbia Vehicles Case Study: Arizona State University

Arizona State University is a proud supporter of Columbia Vehicles. As the university grows in enrollment and campus maintenance needs, they look to Columbia for vehicles that’ll meet their expectations and perform efficiently day in and day out.

ASU uses approximately 50 Columbia Journeyman vehicles for its operations. When speaking with ASU, they said three features of Columbia Vehicles stand out among competitors: customizability, support, and value of sustainability.

The ASU Tempe campus is the most solar-powered of any university in the U.S. That commitment to sustainability shows in ASUs choice of Columbia, as well. Columbia provides the finest 100% electric work vehicles on the market. By driving Columbia, ASU has saved time and money, while reducing its carbon footprint.

Travel Safely and Efficiently With Southwest ToyotaLift and Columbia Vehicles

Southwest ToyotaLift is proud to distribute Columbia Vehicles—a leading work vehicle manufacturer. For over 30 years, Southwest ToyotaLift has been collaborating with manufacturers to supply only the best tools and equipment in the market. With Columbia Vehicles, we assure you travel safely and efficiently throughout high school and college campuses. Contact us today to discover how we can be your partner for Columbia work vehicle needs!