Get the Equipment You Need With Columbia Rental Equipment

Companies often choose to rent equipment rather than purchase because buying large-scale utility equipment isn’t always feasible, especially if you don’t need it for everyday use. Southwest ToyotaLift is proud to partner with Columbia to provide temporary equipment to businesses. 

Types of Columbia Rental Vehicles

At Southwest ToyotaLift, we supply various Columbia rental utility vehicles to help your company save money and increase productivity. Here are some of the Columbia vehicles we have available for rent:

Tow Tractors

Columbia Utilitrucks—also known as tow tractors—are a staple of modern commercial fleet operations. They’re equipped with an AC-powered electric drive, a high-strength metal alloy frame, and adjustable bucket seats; it can transport up to four passengers at a time while carrying or towing up to 1,500 pounds. The Utilitruck is available as a NEV, which means it’s street legal on roads with posted speed limits up to 35 MPH.


Columbia StockChasers help facilities move materials quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Its dependable performance assists you with all your material handling demands and is a great handling solution for order picking, stock replenishment, towing, material expediting, and more.


Whether you’re carrying light or heavy loads, the Columbia Payloader offers unparalleled maneuverability. It can carry up to 5,200 pounds, tow up to 14,000 pounds, and travel up to 17 mph while providing flexibility and access to areas that larger burden carriers cannot access.


Columbia Chariots offer quick and safe transportation for passengers, loads, and pedestrians. They’re designed to fit through standard doorways so they can take you anywhere you need to go. The Chariot has a low center of gravity, and its stand-up operation brings all-around visibility while moving personnel through various indoor and outdoor environments.

Golf Carts

Columbia Journeyman is an electric cart built for all-day use. Whether you need it for maintenance, higher education, hospitality, construction, or shuttling uses, this utility vehicle can easily switch from task to task without slowing down your everyday processes.

Southwest ToyotaLift collaborates with Columbia because they offer a variety of utility vehicles that can be used for all your company’s handling and transportation needs. Connect with us today to discover how we can be your partner in Columbia rental equipment. 

Industries That Most Benefit From Columbia Rentals

For over 30 years, we’ve been working with industries across the board to supply them with Columbia rental equipment. Most industries that benefit from our Columbia rental services include: 

College Campuses

Universities reach out to us when they need transportation vehicles for various gatherings, including sporting events and graduation. Columbia vehicles such as the Utilitruck and the Journeyman are great to use on college campuses because they’re street legal and offer various safety features to ensure passenger and pedestrian safety.

Convention Centers

Within the past ten years, convention centers have become an exciting market for us. Convention centers reach out to us when they have large-scale events because Columbia vehicles offer the longest range on flat grounds compared to other utility vehicles in the market.

Fair Grounds

Summer heat is in full swing, which means fair grounds will be used to their fullest potential. Fair grounds are great atmospheres for county fairs, concerts, and other social gatherings during the summer. Businesses reach out to us when they host events at fair grounds because our Columbia Utilitrucks enable them to safely and efficiently move heavy equipment from one side of the fair grounds to the other.

Make Southwest ToyotaLift Your Go-To Provider for Columbia Rental Services

Since 1989, Southwest ToyotaLift has been helping industries in the area with their material handling operations. We’re proud to partner with Columbia, a leading industrial equipment manufacturer, to provide customers with safe and effective equipment when they need it most. When you’re planning your next event, think of Southwest ToyotaLift and Columbia for your utility vehicle needs. Connect with us today to start the conversation on how we can be your go-to partner in Columbia rental vehicles.