Columbia Groundskeeping and Housekeeping Vehicles

It’s easy to maintain your property up to your standards with Columbia’s latest collection of Mission Ready upkeep vehicles.

Columbia has been a staple in the industrial warehouse industry for more than 70 years. When it comes to utility equipment, Columbia comes through with utility vehicles that can help you streamline a variety of different projects. But warehouse carts are just one of the manufacturer’s many specialties. Whether it’s groundskeeping and housekeeping, they provide a robust option for any unique initiative.

Save time and money on a utility vehicle that helps simplify the tough labor.

Mission Ready Groundskeeping Vehicles

Your grounds crew works around the clock to keep your outdoor space in professional shape. Shouldn’t they have a reliable source of transportation to help get them across the property quickly and efficiently? With Columbia’s Mission Ready Groundskeeping vehicle, you get all of this and more. Whether it’s hauling a team through the challenging terrains or securing your equipment when you need to drive across uneven surfaces, Columbia provides two durable options to help with your unique mission.

Features and Benefits:

    Small-wheel drive functions for tighter handling

    Adjustable driving systems for any terrain

    Wrap around tubular steel front bumper

    Four-wheel hydraulic braking system

    Rust-proof, metal alloy body frame

    Three-position steering wheel

    AC powered electric drive

    Adjustable bucket seats

    1,500 LB towing capacity

    Class H motor insulation

    Spacious cargo room

    Long battery life

Mission Ready Housekeeping Vehicles

Columbia can supply your housekeeping crew with everything they need in a 100% electric vehicle. Built to work quickly and efficiently, this Utilitruck offers an unrivaled driver’s performance. The vehicle is loaded with unique applications to help you protect equipment and supplies, monitor travel conditions, and minimize maintenance.

Notable amenities include:

    A lighted van enclosure with adjustable shelves

    Back-up camera system and on-board USB port

    Single-point battery watering system

Take advantage of the ideal fleet for a price that doesn’t stretch your budget.

The Right Equipment for Your Team

Southwest ToyotaLift is a central hub for anything you need when it comes to material-handling and utility transportation. We’re a one-stop shop for the industry’s most advanced par car equipment. If you need a vehicle that moves people, cargo, and tow loads, we’re the right partner for you. With us, low prices aren’t the only selling point. Since 1989, our main priority has been to support your environment with innovative solutions that boost efficiency, maintenance, and peace of mind.

Partner with a team of reliable professionals and upgrade your infrastructure with today’s best utility technology. Reach out to schedule a consultation with the Southwest ToyotaLift team today!