6 Reasons Why Your Warehouse Needs a Very Narrow Aisle Forklift

Need more space to accommodate more goods, or thinking of re-organize your existing space to fit it all?

Choosing a very narrow aisle (VNA) forklift enables warehouses to considerably cut down on costs and increase workplace productivity. Narrow aisle forklifts are space-efficient equipment that does not occupy as much space as a regular forklift and it functions effectively in tight spaces and narrow aisle environments. The Aisle Master forklift is one example of this type of industrial equipment that is perfectly suited for maneuvering narrow spaces. Here’s a look at some reasons why the very narrow aisle forklift should be a part of your warehouse storage solutions:

1) Indoor and Outdoor Operation

The Aisle Master is custom-built to stand heavy duty use inside and out with superior ergonomics & visibility. It operates on any floor surface, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment to load and unload your product. As a result, many operators like the ability to easily drive this forklift into various nooks and crannies of the warehouse or yard handling multiple jobs without any hassles.

2) Manages Loads in Smaller Spaces

Another major advantage of the Aisle Master articulating forklift is that it is perfect for high density warehouses where efficiency is key. It is smaller, more maneuverable and optimized for smaller warehouses spaces where heavy stock must be moved from every available space in your warehouse. Moreover, it also facilitates a more clutter-free and generally spacious warehouse environment.

3) Driver Comfort and Safety

As a result of its light weight, the Aisle Master is typically much easier to drive than other heavyweight forklifts and pallet trucks. This considerably increases the workplace productivity and reduces operator fatigue. Moreover, its secure structure and superb visibility adds to operator confidence, performance, and safety, that results in decreased product and racking damage.

4) Higher Reach and Load Capacity

The Aisle Master can reach heights of up to 15 meters and is also capable of lifting heavy loads with no hassles. Thus, its sleek structure and build does not impede in its weight-lifting capacity; rather, its ability to easily load and unload heavyweight goods makes it a popular choice for warehouses looking for long-term storage solutions.

5) A Wise Long-Term Investment for Warehouses

The Aisle Master is made specifically to help create a safer, faster-operating warehouse. The forklift is well-constructed with a body and chassis that is durable and strong, which provides a warehouse with the same quality of service for a long period of time. This characteristic of the aisle master makes a great long-term investment for warehouses.

6) Increase Warehouse Capacity

A VNA truck combined with expert warehouse planning means more space for goods thanks to narrower, taller aisles. One truck can increase your warehouse capacity by more than 50% compared to using Counterbalance and Reach Trucks, allowing you to disregarding the issue of cost involved in expanding or moving to a new warehouse when space becomes tight and can hit a company’s bottom line.

Cut Your Operating Costs

Warehouses and factories are almost always on the lookout for effective solutions to make the most of the available space they have and cut down on their overhead costs. The Aisle Master is the perfect solution to ensure that your warehouse space is utilized in the most viable manner possible. At Southwest, we offer you premier material handling solutions that can save you space and time while accomplishing your goals and tasks. Click here to learn more!